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1971 Camaro RS-Z28 GOLD Plated

silver/black stripe car

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Stock #: 29325G
Release Date: July, 2004
Released By: Performance Years Enterprises
Issued: 6
Specs: LT-1 350, 4-speed
Color: 22K Gold Plated

Very Special Correct Replica '71 Camaros

  Performance Years would like to announce the future release of two very special Camaros. A tuxedo black 1971 RS-Z28 Camaro with white Z stripes and a Nevada silver 1971 RS-Z28 with black Z stripes. RC/Ertl has agreed to work with PYE to produce a very correct replica of the 71 Camaros.

The changes that Chevy did to the Camaro for 1971 are: adding the front and Tall rear spoilers, a different seat pattern on the front and back seats and a high back front bucket seat. A new Camaro emblem was made for the front nose and the Camaro emblem was deleted from the top of the trunk lid. The LT-1 350 returned in the Z28 but was detuned due to federal regulations. A new 4-spoke steering wheel became optional for the 71 Camaros. We at PYE have worked hard to replicate all of these subtle but important changes to make this collectible as correct as possible.

The choices of Camaros that we picked were: A highly optioned out tuxedo black RS-Z28 with the deluxe interior trim and the chrome appearance package and outfitted with the Cragar S/S mags and the Mickey Thompson Indy Profile 60 tires. The Mickey Thompson white letter tires were also designed by PYE for this project. And the Street/Strip version RS-Z28 in nevada silver. This car features the L88 style hood & hood pins, Lakewood traction bars, Holley 4-barrel carburetor on an Edelbrock aluminum high rise intake, Mickey Thompson headers exiting through a full exhaust, drive shaft safety loop, Hurst “T” handle shifter and an aftermarket tachometer in place of the factory tach., we also added some decals in the engine compartment and a Chevy bow tie under the hood. This car also comes with the new Mickey Thompson Tires mounted on the American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. This is something we thought was NEW and DIFFERENT. Not everybody likes the drag cars so this is a pretty stock looking Camaro with all of the “go-fast” goodies included.

Both of our 1971 Camaros will come with spark plug wires, valve cover decal, engine and drivers door jamb factory decals, interior carpeting, lower door panel carpet, door sill plates with “Body By Fisher” name plate, tinted windshield and lowered front suspension. Along with several extra paint details to the engine compartment, interior, and under carriage not found on the normal Ertl cars.

We have come up with some very colorful packaging that ties the cars together with the box art as well as with each car.

And now for something really different! We asked RC/Ertl if we could include a set of wheels and tires from the opposite car in the box. After some negotiations they agreed and have given us pricing on this extra gift. In other words, a set of Cragars and tires will come in the silver Camaro box and a set of Torque Thrusts and tires will come in the black Camaros box. Of course we cannot be responsible to damage to the car while switching wheels. Change wheels & tires at your own risk.

1000 of each painted car, 126 Black Chrome Chase cars for the black Camaro and 126 Chrome Chase cars for the silver Camaro and 6 GOLD plated of each Camaro will be produced. Pricing for the cars is $59.95 each. We are offering an $8.00 discount if the black & silver cars are pre-ordered. Suggested retail for the Chase cars is $99.95. We are selling the chase car and the painted version together as a pair only, and at a discounted price of $150.00. Five of the six Gold plated cars will again be phone auctioned off later after the cars have been released. The cars are due April 2004. Please order early.

Thank you and Happy Collecting!

We would like to thank Ron Gronfor for allowing us to photo and measure his beautiful black 1971 Camaro.

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