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Several UPDATED release dates & production photos.

We have been privileged to be able to serve the die cast collecting community for over 25 years..!
We have been experiencing several shipping delays in new products. Several release dates have been pushed back.

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Totally NEW 1/18th scale tooling. Chevy C-30 Dually Wreckers..!

Hazzard County Wrecker, imagine with Rosco's Police car hooked on heading back to Cooter's Garage..!

White Stock Wrecker.

Texaco Oil Wrecker.

Gulf Oil Wrecker.

These will look great with one of your 1/18th cars hooked on heading to the shop.

We do not know much about these yet. This is all the information we have at this time. We will update info & photos when available from the manufacturer.

*** These are photos of their 1/64th scale wreckers. Actual model wrecker may or may not have the same options or trim or wheels as shown.

The 1/18th scale will show much better detail.

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Please Note: *Shipping Surcharge: As of September 1st, ALL die cast manufacturers have assessed dealers a "Shipping Container Surcharge" consisting of between 7 1/2% to 10% of the cost of merchandise. We have been told this surcharge will be temporary & all manufactures are keeping a close eye on it & will reverse these charges as soon as possible. The Manufactures can not absorb these higher container costs and neither can we. We will be implementing a temporary $3.00 per item surcharge ONLY on new releases. We have been assured this is only temporary. If this is not acceptable to you, please call or email us if you would like to cancel your pre-order. Thank you for your patience & understanding during these difficult times.
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